One of the ocean's many secrets
((Hi Hi! Sparce here))

(( Recently my tablet has completely refused to work. I’ve been working on the asks I need to work on, but little by little and now I can’t work on them at all. 

Hopefully I will get a replacement tablet soon! I messaged Wacom about it yesterday and I should receive and e-mail today or tomorrow.

So until then qwq no updates. things will be suspended until I get things working again qwq

I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience! Hope y’all understand qwq <3 

thank you!


#ooc post

((This blog and it’s AU is most likely gonna be a blog/AU that changes every now and then because of new ideas and what not. Like, It’s sort of a growing blog that changes into something I like.

So the story will probably change or be altered every now and then! As well as my Seacreature babbu

Just a heads up -v- especially since a lot of my friends have been talking about ideas that I’d like to adapt.))

I-Is it mating season yet…it must be today…

l-look at all my jewels and gold haha…

I-I’m the best warrior in my tribe…I’mreallypopularyouknow

~Arthur unhealthily makes up for the friend department in the treasure department with his treasures, jewels, and gold beyond imagination~

Anonymous sent:

What's the name of your tribe?

I am a proud member of the Great AltreanTribe.

Who the bloody hell are you. 

Stay out of my territory…

Ahhh Artie is such a cutie asdfg for Sparce babbuu >w<

Admin: I’m gonna die sfbjsdk bwubwusf <333333 ))

i dunno i just wanted to draw him with his hair down but i kind of went overboard with it so…r.Rr..yy. (he’s very calming to draw i want to draw him all the time ;;>//v//>)


Anonymous sent:

Who's canary?

Canary is my lovely friend <33 feather-pants is her url and she runs ))


Special gift for Miss Sparce!

Just something to say thank you for being awesome, and to keep up the amazing art and hard work ;D

So here, have some Merman!Artie~


~Transparent Mer-baby for my blog! <3~

((he’s my lil baby qwq i love him so much))

Hey, admin! It’s Canary with some fanart! Feels good drawing merpeople again. *//v//*  Just a doodle, but I hope you like it!

((Cries forever. this is.

beautiful ;A; perfectsdbfjksd I’m jus bsdkjf I wanna keep this foreveer sfjdns <33333 thank you so much you precious being you qwq <3 ))

"I guess I could do this thing. I don’t even know why, this it such bullshark shit.”

Arthur: Oh…it’s one of you…A Torqean…

(((owyn i love youuu bubuwbuw sdfbjsd )))

Anonymous sent:

so pretty much you guys wrestle it out to decide who tops? :3

If that is what makes sense to you, then essentially, yes. That is how you decide who…’tops’.